Wilderness Charters of Priest Lake :: 608.341.8838
Wilderness Charters of Priest Lake :: 608.341.8838

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Welcome to the Wilderness Mackinaw

Known as the Crown Jewel of Idaho, Priest Lake is surrounded by the Selkirk Mountain Range and is over 23,000 acres in size. The water runs cold and deep making it a perfect environment for the Mighty Mackinaw. The scenery is nothing short of spectacular with fir-blanketed mountains that extend as far as the eye can see. It is truly a pristine wilderness!

Whether your adventure involves fishing for Trophy Mackinaw or just taking in all of the wildlife and beauty that surrounds you, we at Wilderness Charters would welcome the opportunity to be your guide. So come experience "The Last Frontier" of the lower 48....Priest Lake!

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